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You will probably ask yourself, just what does a Toyota have in common with a Rambler, or American Motors?

Well, in Costa Rica, they have much in common.  They were in fact under the same franchisee, the same distributors, and they shared the same assembly plant.  This began under the company H.T. Purdy, which soon became Purdy Motors, which still represents Toyota, and is probably the largest dealer in the country today.

This sort of multi-mark representation was actually not uncommon overseas.  Australia was also similar as AMI (Australian Motor Industries) became the representative for American Motors in 1960, and also for Toyota in 1963, in addition to a number of other makes they already represented.

This site is dedicated to the history of American Motors and Rambler in Costa Rica, as well as other items of interest such as the Designer Interiors offered by American Motors, prototype vehicles, and other special interest and unique vehicles connected to the AMC banner.

At this point I have only lived in Costa Rica since 1998 (I am Canadian) and only started to discover the history of Rambler & AMC since I imported my Cardin Javelin in 2008.  Since then I have uncovered much of the history, but will continue to try to update this site as I discover more.

As time permits, I will be adding many images into the gallery of Ads published in Costa Rica for AMC, Willy's, Jeep, Ramblers, and other related topics.  I have collected a great deal of memorabilia over the past few years, and also plan to upload photos of prototype or concept cars, brochures, press kits, and so forth.  All coming soon (I hope!)



The Purdy Motor Company in 1959, around the time when they would sign agreements with American Motors for the Distributorship of Rambler vehicles in Costa Rica. 1959 Purdy Motors, AMC
1964 Purdy Mo AMC Assembly Plant This is a shot inside the new Purdy Motors Assembly plant in Costa Rica, finished in 1964.  Here they would assemble knock down kits for both American Motors and Toyota vehicles.  The first vehicle assembled was an AMC Rambler Classic. 

As the company grew, new specialized locations were opened for business.  To the right is a photo of the 1970 Sales Office for Purdy Motors.  Note the lineup of the various AMC models out front.  These were likely all assembled in Costa Rica.


1970 Pudry Mo AMC Sales Office