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Pierre Cardin

American Motors Pierre Cardin Emblem

1972 AMC Cardin Javelin

In March of 1972 American Motors introduced the second of its designer series.  The Cardin Javelin.  Though Pierre Cardin offered a few designs, the one finally chosen sported a bold stripe pattern of Chinese red, plum, white and silver on a black seats, repeated on the headliner.  Door panels also sported custom inserts and emblems, like the Gucci Sportabout.  The front fenders displayed the Cardin Logo emblems.

Originally the car was only offered in the exterior colours of Trans-am Red, Snow White, Stardust Silver, Diamond Blue or Wild Plum.  However demand probably caused them to bend their rules as usual, and other colour options became available for the 1973 year.  Perhaps 12 left kenosha in 1972 painted Midnight Black.

Only 4152 Cardin Javelins were produced between 1972 and 1973.


Aldo Gucci

American Motors Aldo Gucci Emblem

Levi Strauss Co

American Motors Levi Strauss Emblem

Oleg Cassini

American Motors Oleg Cassini Emblem




The cost of adding the Cardin package to your Javelin was a whopping $84.95.

In 1972 the Cardin Javelin was offered only in the colors: Trans Am Red, Stardust Silver, Snow White, or Wild Plum.

For the 1973 model year you could buy a Cardin Interior in a Javelin or an AMX in; A1-Snow White, E1-Diamond Blue (met.), E5-Pewter Silver (met.), D7-Trans Am Red, F3-Fresh Plum (met.), and even a few were sold in P1-Classic Black which was an extra cost option.