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Pierre Cardin

American Motors Pierre Cardin Emblem

1972 AMC Gucci Hornet

AMC took the leading edge on many bold ideas, and in 1972 the company made a bold step being the first to introduce a Designer Interior for their Hornet Sportabout, created by famous fashion designer Aldo Gucci.

This version of the Sportabout ran green and red stripes over tan seats, typical of Gucci's style.  2583 Gucci Sportabouts were sold in 1972, with another 2252 added to the sales figures in 1973.  Like all of the designers series AMC's, it also sported custom Gucci emblems. 


Aldo Gucci

American Motors Aldo Gucci Emblem

Levi Strauss Co

American Motors Levi Strauss Emblem

Oleg Cassini

American Motors Oleg Cassini Emblem




Going Gucci on your Sportabout Hornet would have a cost of $142.

In 1972 the Aldo Gucci package was offered only in the colors: Snow White, Grasshopper Green, Hunter Green, or Yuca Tan.

For the 1973 model year you could buy a Gucci Hornet in; A1-Snow White, C8-Grasshopper Green(met.), E3-Fairway Green (met.), E4-Tallyho Green (met.), E5-Pewter Silver (met.), and E6- Fawn Beige.