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Pierre Cardin

American Motors Pierre Cardin Emblem

1973 AMC Levi Gremlin

In 1973 a Levi's trim package came onto the AMC scene.  This 'Blue Jean' interior was offered on the Hornet and Gremlin models.  A denim styled interior was detailed with removable map pockets, copper rivets, and Levi's red tabs. Real denim fabric could not be used due to fire regulations.

In later years, AMC continued to capitalize on this designer interior, and it was also offered on the Pacer, the Concord, and the Jeep CJ and Honcho series.


Aldo Gucci

American Motors Aldo Gucci Emblem

Levi Strauss Co

American Motors Levi Strauss Emblem

Oleg Cassini

American Motors Oleg Cassini Emblem