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Pierre Cardin

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1974 AMC Cassini Matador

In 1974 AMC once again teamed up with another famous designer, Oleg Cassini.  This time the interior was offered on the 1974 & 1975 Matador coupe.  This time the interior was a Cassini hallmark in black with copper buttons on the seats and door panels, and a thick copper carpet over the floor.  This special edition AMC was offered only on the 2 door model, and was only available in black, copper, or white.

6165 Cassini Matador coupes were sold in 1974, with an additional 1817 units in 1975. 


Aldo Gucci

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Levi Strauss Co

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Oleg Cassini

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The 1974 Cassini Matador was very restrictive in color coordination, and offered only in the colors; A1- Snow White, F9- Copper Metallic or P1- Classic Black.  Package Cost: $299 extra.