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About my cars: It was in 1986, at age 16, that I began to admire AMC with the purchase of my first Javelin, followed by a second and third by 1989.  In 2008, 10 years after I relocated to Costa Rica, I decided to search out my car of choice, a 1972 Pierre Cardin model, which I managed to locate in Florida.  By April that year the vehicle arrived at port, and  was imported into the country.

This actually occurred after a short local search to begin with.  I knew that AMC had a representative dealership here in the past, and had seen a few examples of AMC's around (many Jeeps especially), which had kindled my desire to purchase one again.  Not being able to find a Javelin in reasonable condition, I decided to take a chance importing my preferred vehicle, and the second Cardin Javelin I have owned...

As time permits, I will be adding many images into the gallery of Ads published in Costa Rica for AMC, Willy's, Jeep, Ramblers, and other related topics.  I have collected a great deal of memorabilia over the past few years, and also plan to upload photos of prototype or concept cars, brochures, press kits, and so forth.  All coming soon (I hope!)



I do know that a handful of early model Javelin's do exist here in Costa Rica, as well as a number of Rebels, Hornets, Gremlins and others.  As far as I have been able to determine there is only one AMX that remains.  Like Mexico and Argentina, the company continued to be called Rambler locally, and as I am able to find out more about the history here, I will post it to the site.

While my Javelin was very complete, I have to thank EBAY, and people like Eddie Stakes, who have made it possible for me to locate the missing pieces I needed to complete this project.  As I locate parts here, including some that are NOS from the local dealer, I will be selling them on EBAY for those who are also in need.  I am glad to again be connected to this great hobby after a nearly 15 year hiatus.

FACTS:  The Cardin Javelin was an option only available from 1972 to 1973, with a total of just 4152 units sold during these years.  If 10% survived, only about 400 remain in existence today.

1972 Pierre Cardin Javelin in black
1972 Javelin SST snow white  

My first Javelin was a 1972 SST painted Snow White.  My current car was also originally Snow White, but was black when I bought it, so have left it that color, although who knows...  Bought the first one when I was 16, and it was my daily driver throughout high school.



My second car was a 1973 Pierre Cardin Javelin that I bought for the interior.  The body was in very poor condition with lots of rot, and was a stock basic Javelin with a 304, so it was parted out.  Unfortunately I didn't know then what I know now, as it had a factory Classic Black paint code, like the one pictured here, that apparently I should have taken the time to restore....

(big sigh!!)...


1973 Pierre Cardin Javelin in classic black
1971 Javelin SST 401 4-speed  

My third Javelin was a 401 4-speed that had almost been completed but had, you guessed it, no interior!  That was where the Pierre Cardin Interior was destined for.  A friend had it who was also working on a 1940 Dodge pickup, so I managed to get my hands on this Javelin for a mere $1000 back in 1990.  That was Canadian $ by the way.  It is pictured here with the black and silver paint which was one of the features I bought it for.  Unfortunately in 1993 I started to travel, and finally let the car go in 1998 or so, once I had figured out I was not returning to Canada.