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AMC American Motors Corporation, Costa Rica


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for American Motors Corporation

American Motors tried to appeal to the publics special tastes not only through prototypes and new, more fashionable vehicles, but also through various Special Edition versions of many of their cars, such as the well known Big Bad AMX & Javelins, and the Designer Interiors offered which was pioneered by American Motors.  However there were also many other Special Edition packages offered, some which boosted sales, others which didn't sell due to price, and still others that were not approved in the end by AMC.




1964- Rambler Typhoon


1964 Rambler Typhoon 2520 built

1966- Rambler Torino


1966 Rambler IKA Torino  

1967- Briarcliff Rebel Wagon


1967 Rebel Briarcliff Wagon special edition 400 built

1967- Mariner Rebel Wagon


1967 Rebel Mariner Wagon special edition 600 built

1967- Westerner Rebel Wagon


1967 Rebel Westerner Wagon special edition 500 built

1969- Rebel Raider


1969 Rebel Raider special edition 300 built.

1969- Hurst SC/Rambler


1969 Hurst SC/Rambler special edition 1512 built

1969/70- "Mod" Big Bad Javelin


1969 Javelin Big Bad "Mod" 2342+ built

1969/70- "Mod" Big Bad AMX


1969 AMX Big Bad "Mod" 1072 built

1969- Hurst Super Stock AMX


1969 Hurst SS AMX Super Stock 53 built

1969- California 500 AMX


1969 California 500 AMX special edition  

1970- Rebel Machine


1970 Rebel Machine special edition 2326 built

1970- Donohue Javelin


1970 Mark Donohue Javelin special edition 2501 built

1970- Trans Am Javelin


1970 Trans Am Javelin special edition 100 built

1971- Hurst Jeepster Commando


1971 Hurst Jeepster Commando 100 built

1972/73- Gucci Hornet Sportabout


1972 Gucci Hornet Sportabout 4835 built

1972/73- Cardin Javelin


1972 Pierre Cardin Javelin 4152 built

1972-74 Randall 401 XR Gremlin


1972 Randall Gremlin XR1 20 built

1973+- Levi's Hornet


1973 Levi's Hornet special edition  

1973+- Levi's Gremlin


1973 Levi's Gremlin special edition  

1974/75- Cassini Matador


7982 built

1975/85- Levi's Jeep


1973 Levi's Jeep CJ special edition  

1979 Jeep Silver Anniversary


1979 Jeep CJ Silver Anniversary 1000 built